Rachel Perry – Photographer

Whoa.  So, here I am.  Little ol’ me in a big blogging world.  It’s a little intimidating with all of you reading (or not reading.  you know, I’m just starting out!), but I think I might get over it!

I’m starting a new episode of my life in the coming months.  It’s exciting and nerve wracking and everything rolled into one.  I graduate from college in 85 days.  I am on the hunt for a job.  I might move away.  Who knows?

One thing I do know is that I love photography.  I love so much about it.  I can’t express how awesome it is to be able to show the personality and capture special moments in a beautiful way.  I love when someone who has a low self image sees themselves in a new light.  I want to show people how beautiful and unique they are and I try to do that in my everyday life AND my photography.

So sit back.  Relax (I want audible sighs people).  And… wait for me to post!  Ha!  Gotcha! More will be coming soon, I promise.

With my thanks,

Rachel Perry – Photographer

2 thoughts on “Rachel Perry – Photographer

  1. Very cool Rachel. I think I will sign up for this website and begin writing over here. I look forward to reading what you have to say. :)

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