Nacogdoches Portrait Photography – Stephanie Visits!

This past weekend was a lovely and wonderful one.  First of all, one of my best friends in the whole world came to visit me!  Stephanie is awesome and beautiful and we had a lot of fun hanging out.  Second of all, a bunch of my friends and I went out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate my birthday (which is actually this week.  The 29th.  I love birthdays!) and did a few more things.  There will be a post.  Promise.  It involves a bonfire, a junk yard, and toilets.  It is something you won’t want to miss!


But on to Stephanie.  Recently she bought a DSLR camera and we went out and I gave her a little tutorial.  She caught on quick!  I think she’ll get the hang of it soon!  In the meantime, I took the opportunity to capture some photographs of her.


She was cool enough to lay on the ground for a few awesome shots!  You can ask her.  I freaked out when I started taking this group of shots.  It was just what I had wanted to add depth, texture, and fabulousness!  It doesn’t hurt that my subject is seriously gorgeous.


One last portrait of Steph…



Now, to showcase some of her work…  Remember, Stephanie is just learning!  You wouldn’t know it by these!  She caught on quick to things like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.  She snapped a few of me and I love them!




I hope you guys enjoyed!  Leave a comment telling me which one is your fav!

3 thoughts on “Nacogdoches Portrait Photography – Stephanie Visits!

  1. Very nice work, both of you!
    Favorites, favorites…
    I think of Steph, my favorite is #3, where she’s out of focus behind the plant.
    And, of you… that laughing shot is pretty nice!

  2. Cute pics!
    I like the shot of you kneeling down, what a grungy backdrop!
    You did a really good job with stephanie too but I like the out of focus and then lying down the best!

  3. You want me to CHOOSE?! ;) You know me… I’m SO decisive! I like them all.

    The Stephanie photos (she IS gorgeous!)… in the one standing up, her big, beautiful eyes pop; in the one lying down, she has a relaxed look, but her interior life is obvious in her eyes – very intriguing; the out-of-focus one is so peaceful.

    Of you? The laughing one, for sure!

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