Cody and Alissa – Nacogdoches Engagement Session

Oh man.  When Cody and Alissa asked if I would be available to do an engagement session, I was so excited!  I love hanging out with people and documenting their love and care for each other.  What I didn’t expect was the two hour long laughing session that ensued.  Who needs to work out when you have hilarious clients?  (I know… me.  Heehee) On to the photos!

They wanted one cheesy photo.  I think it works…

This one is my absolute FAV.  Like, when I saw it on the back of the camera, I did a little dance.  ‘Cause any session with me, you get a nice little dance.  Now don’t you want a session?  :-)

There’s this sweet old building that was open, so we went inside.  I loved these lights and asked them if they were okay going blind for a cool picture.  They were.  I’ve got cool clients.

Alissa, you are fierce.  Don’t ever tell yourself that you aren’t photogenic, silly!  Just look at this image!

And then, we’ll end with a sweet note.

Cody and Alissa, you are a whole lot of fun.  I think we should definitely hang out when you move to the Houston area!

Now, for my thankful list…  Remember, I’m trying to get to 1000.  Really finding joy in the little things is what I want to do through this, so read on.

0021.  The way that photography can move you.  I seriously wanted to weep after reading this about an aging father.  Go read it.  It’ll make you feel more human –

0022.  Laughing.  It’s the bestest.

0023.  My stinkin’ amazing ring.  It’s what I never knew I wanted in a ring.  Matt knows me pretty well, I suppose!

0024.  Fuzzy socks when it’s cold.

0025.  New pajamas on Christmas Eve (it’s the coolest tradition ever!)

0026.  New books.  I just finished “What Difference Do It Make.”  Fantastic read.

0027.  Future parents-in-law who buy said book for a graduation present for me.

0028.  Oh yeah!  Graduating!  Woohoo!!!

0029.  Only having a two and a half hour ceremony because I graduated in December and not in May.  Sawweeet.

0030.  Family from NY who like to make fun of me and my sister’s joy over the snow we got here a few weeks ago.  Seriously guys, it’s Texas.  It doesn’t snow much.  Any snow is AMAZING.

0031.  My new camera.  It’s a used Nikon D300.  It is beautiful.  I’m trying to think of a name for it because I am that attached.

0032.  Random people who practically offer me jobs on the spot.  Too bad I’m pretty sure I don’t want to manage a new coffee shop…

0033.  My friend Stevo is back from South Dakota for a little while!  I am pretty happy to see him!

0034.  Creativity.

0035.  Blogs that make me laugh out loud like Jasmine Star’s.

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