Sad Day

This is just an update to say that my beautiful Lily (my camera.  Yes.  I named my camera) is being a problem!  She isn’t working so I have to take her into the camera stores around town tomorrow.  Apparently, the Nikon D300 has a problem with registering that the battery within it is charged sometimes.  I’m hoping it doesn’t cost too much money!

In other news, I met some awesome people tonight at the SmugMug users group at the Coffee Groundz in Midtown.  Thanks, Alex Garza, Jenna Dee Detro, Christine Tremoulet, Kelly Niemann, Debra Ham, and Kris Fulk for making it a great night!  I am so glad that I was able to connect with other photographers.  I’ll definitely be back!

2 thoughts on “Sad Day

  1. Oh no! That’s terrible Lily is being such a problem. I could come beat her up for you. LOL, just kidding :p Hope she gets fixed soon!

    I’m so happy to have met you today. I’m off to peek through the rest of your blog. Hope to see you again in a couple of weeks!


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