Sara and Michael – Rosenberg Engagement Photography

You can see how much Sara loves Michael by the way she looks at him.  The joy in her eyes as she watches him makes me want to love my man more.  I think that’s what love does, you know?  It inspires.

Without further ado, here are quite a few images.  I couldn’t just pick three!

Matt’s shot and one of my favs…

There was lots of silliness to be had.  These guys kept me laughing so hard!  I’m sure I missed some awesome shots because I just couldn’t help but chortle along with them.  And… you did see that right.  I said chortle.

And now… for your viewing pleasure… It’s Matt and Rachel!  *Deafening cheers*!

Remember, I did a short sneak peek of their session last week here.  I’m excited with the possibility of shooting their wedding on January 1st!

With Love,


12 thoughts on “Sara and Michael – Rosenberg Engagement Photography

  1. I like the one where they are all nom nom on each other. thats a total meanie pic.

    oh, and i like the communal feather barette thingy too. want.

  2. teeheee…i looked at your twitter posts, saw the smugmug thing, looked up the website, and voila! i found our pictures. hehehe….!

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