Sarah’s Graduation Session – Richmond/Rosenberg

When I was asked if I was available to photograph Sarah, I jumped at the opportunity!  Sarah’s older sister is one of my good friends (in fact I did a session with her last year… I should blog it!) and I’ve known Sarah for a while.  She is funny and beautiful and just about to graduate from Dulles Highschool.  Woohoo!

Her hair in this photograph makes me think of a veil.  I know it’s not a “traditional” graduation shot, but oh how I love it.

Ummm… Hello!  Do you see these eyes?  So gorgeous.  Makes me a little jealous…

As always, I had my cute assistant along.  This time we had Hannah along.  This photo just makes me giggle.  :-D

Sarah and Hannah’s mom, Penny, is a beautiful woman.  You can see where Sarah gets her amazing eyes!

Sarah, you are beautiful inside and out.  I wish new and exciting experiences as you go into a new phase in your life!

With Love,


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