Bonnie and Tatum – Brenham Wedding Photography

On June 5th, Bonnie and Tatum tied the knot!

I met Bonnie a few months ago through work and we hit it off!  I mean, both engaged, both working the same sort of job, both looking forward to the future.  She’s a very straightforward and knows what she wants kind of girl.  I was so excited when they decided to use me to photograph their wedding!

Bonnie is from Brenham, Texas and that is where they decided to get married! Matt assisted me and got some awesome shots!

Matt’s shot.  I love it!

Another Matt shot…  Bonnie’s dad is a jeweler.  Holy cow their rings are awesome!

Another shot of those fabulous Christian Louboutin shoes she was sporting!

I love wedding ceremonies.  They are so full of meaning, emotions, and the visible sign of a relationship where two people are to become one.

One of Tatum’s cute boys!

A few details…

And the flower girl was not grumpy very much, but I do have to admit that grumpy flower girls make me laugh a little…

This cake looks cool on the outside, but OH EM GEE…  It was carrot cake.  Stinkin’ awesome!  The grooms cake was gluten free and so good.

Bonnie and Tatum saved wine bottles and placed candles in them as their wedding centerpieces.  Some has really cool labels like this one…

This cake topper was bought on Etsy.  Love!

The bouquet!

Man, this crowd danced!  Everyone sat around during dinner and chatted, but once that music started up, everyone – young and old – started dancing.

This photograph just makes me so happy.  I want that to be me and Matt when we’re old…

A much happier flower girl.

At one point, the bridesmaids decided to serenade the bride.  It was awesome.  Look at their fantastic use of water bottles and a lighter.

Pure joy.

Oh…  And here’s my hot second shooter.  <3

I hope you enjoyed Bonnie and Tatum’s wedding photographs!   I had a wonderful time getting to hang out with them all day and see a major stepping stone in their relationship.  Congrats guys!  To view the rest of the pictures, visit my online gallery.

With Love,


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2 thoughts on “Bonnie and Tatum – Brenham Wedding Photography

    • Rachel, you did an outstanding job on Bonnie & Tatum’s wedding photos! I could not believe the impromptu moments you captured so beautifully! My VERY FAVORITE is the side facial view of all of the parents and Bonnie in the church right before her dad gives her away!! What a very awesome moment!! The photo gave me goosebumps!! I would recommend you to ANYONE!! Rachel, send me some business cards! I’m going to need them, ok?

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