Back to School Launch – Stafford Texas

As many people know that follow my blog (or who look at it every once in a while from my Facebook page), I am commited to trying to help in my community and to live out a life that shows that.  Well, I need your help.  On August 14th, 2010, my church (The Sugar Land Vineyard) is doing a back to school launch for Stafford ISD.  This includes providing a backpack, school supplies, a haircut, vision test, box of food, and a family portrait for every child who shows up.

In Stafford ISD there are 3100 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade many of which are from families who live under the poverty line.  Providing these basic services can help a child start a school year off with more confidence and with the supplies that he/she will need.  It really is an amazing opportunity to give to our community!

I am a co-leader on the photography team with Jeremey Barrett (@Jeremey on Twitter) and we are looking for photographers who would be willing to give their time on Saturday August 14th (and possibly a meeting beforehand) to bless a family with their creativity and passion for photography.

If you would like to help out, there are a few requirements.  First, we ask that you bring your own equipment or find a way to borrow some.  I have had a few photographer friends of mine who are unavailable to attend but are willing to let us use some of their studio equipment.  If you are lacking just one or two things from this list, then we can try to work it out.  I’m flexible!

Equipment needed:

Three strobes with light stands

Two light modifiers (umbrellas, softboxes, etc…)

All the gear to fire the flashes (No optical slaves.  We don’t want them all to fire at once!)

A simple background.

Three CF cards with your name on ’em.

Now, as I said before, if you are wanting to help but are lacking a couple of these items we might be able to work with it and come up with something.  I have extra CF cards, we might have an extra background, etc…  Just let me know and I’ll try!

Now, if you aren’t comfortable with studio equipment but would still like to help I need an assistant to sit with me as I download photos and greet some amazing people.  I also need runners who will stay with the families, lead them to the right photographer, and just love on ’em, you know? You would be such an important part of the day as well!

This is an opportunity to be a part of something amazing.  Don’t miss it!

– Contact Rachel –

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