Richmond Family Photography – Brown and Guidry Family

So I just want to start out by saying that I am a huge sucker for freckles.  And books.  And trees.  And adorableness.  And I’m pretty sure that sums up this whole session!  Pretty much some of my favorite things ever!

This is Ellie.

And her little brother Bradley.  This little boy has some of the most expressive eyebrows I’ve seen on anyone under the age of 8.  So cute.  I die.

And this is Timmy.  He has lots of freckles too!  When I was little I always wanted freckles.  I know, I know, so many people just want to get rid of them but don’t!  They are so awesome!

Ellie and her dad.  I love sweet little moments like these…

When babies attack!  I had to share this one because I giggled out loud when I saw it on my screen.

Bradley loves to run.  He pretty much did it the whole session which made things a lot of fun and a whole lot more interesting…

Timmy and his dad in a tree.  Timmy is an expert tree climber so we wanted to put him in his natural element.

You see this hay?  That didn’t stay in his hands long…  He decided that since I was on the ground that I was definitely in need of some hay and put it on me!

One more… :-D

Guys, thank you so much for coming out and being an awesome family!  I had so much fun!


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