VanNote Family Reunion – George Ranch Event Photography

Let me start out by saying that the VanNotes are BIG party planners.  If they are going to do something, it’s gonna be big.  Like one of Stephanie’s birthdays (I think 18?  Am I right, Steph?)  they threw a surprise medieval party and EVERYONE dressed up in costume, the invitations were waxsealed, I mean it was magic.  So epic.

So when Stephanie asked if I would be interested in photographing their family reunion which was also a surprise birthday for her grandpa, I knew it would be good.  And big.  And at George Ranch.  Little did I know that I had just agreed to do posed photographs for 33 people.

Yep.  That’s right.  Thirty-three!

It was a lot of fun though, and as usual, Matt accompanied me and did some second shooting and corralling.  :-D

Now for the pictures!

We started the day out on a little tour.

Baby alligator!

Here’s the whole gang of ’em.  Pretty bunch, right?

All the kiddos.

After group photos, lunch, and some downtime, everyone came back to the George Ranch for the surprise birthday party for their grandpa.

They had a band and everything!

Everyone took a long time looking at all the pictures on the tables.

There was some wonderful light in room.  I loved it!

It would be so wonderful for a wedding!

Oh my goodness.  This little girl was so cute!

I know this isn’t normal blog photo, but it just makes me laugh…  It’s so telling of the situation!

One of my bestest friends in the world!  I love this girl to pieces!

And of course I couldn’t help but dance a little.  You can ask the brides at the weddings I’ve photographed…  I will always find at least one opportunity to dance!

My handy dandy second shooter/assistant/fiance extraordinaire!  At this point in time, Matt was working on some facial hair.  He soon realized that I’m not a huge fan of kissing him when his face stabs me, so it didn’t last long!  :-)

And just in case you didn’t know I was a big ol’ dork, here’s some photographic proof.  And I promise, we had not had anything to drink despite the ridiculous faces.  We are just THAT cool.

Hope you enjoyed!

With Love,


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