Sara + Michael = Married! Sugar Land Wedding Photography

I’ve started this blog post a few different times and can’t decide what to say.  Sara and Michael are some pretty awesome people who I have come to really enjoy being around.  Add to that their fun and exciting families and we had a beautiful and fun wedding that I was so thrilled to have the pleasure of photographing.  Sara and Michael were my first engagement session (can be seen here).  My first wedding to be booked.  And then I photographed Sara’s sister, Ali, for her graduation (those great photos are available here).  All in all, I love these guys.

The beautiful invitations made by the bride.  I love paper products…

Sara wrote down her vows and allowed me to read and photograph them.  I love the “TALK SLOWLY!!!!”

The girls got ready at Sara’s parents house.  Their loving cat Charlie watched over us the whole day.

My fabulous friend, Audrey did all the hair for the girls.  She is awesome.  Check out her blog here!  If any brides out there need their hair done, she’s the girl for you.  And she’s hilarious.

Ugh… I love this dress so much.  So beautiful, simple, elegant.  It was perfect for Sara!

Sara gettin’ her hairs did.  :-D

The guys getting ready…

I’m going to end with this one for the night.  More tomorrow!

As Sara finished getting dressed, we turned to see this…  I love when you can see how much the bridesmaids love the bride.  So cute.

See you tomorrow with the rest of the images!

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