Jason + Kristin = Married!

Man, I’m a little behind on getting some of these photos out the door!  I’ve known Jason and Kristin for a while now through church.  You can see a family portrait session that we did last year here!  They are great people and had an awesome wedding!  If you would like to see all the photos, please meander on to the GALLERY.

Venue – House Plantation
Dress – Weddings by Debbie
Florist – Arteflora
Band – Drywater Band
Catering – World Cakes and Catering

The bride getting some stuff together.

Some details…

The rings!

The dress!

I got a lot of great photos of Kristin getting ready.  This one just happens to be my favorite because her eyes are HUGE!

Checkin’ herself out.

Jason and Julian.

Some of the beautiful centerpieces!

Kristin’s son, Julian.

Jason was so happy to see his bride!

Kristin’s parents looking on.  Her mom has gorgeous eyes just like her!

The Drywater Band was one of the best wedding bands I have seen.

There was lots of dancing to be done.

And people danced.

And the getaway…

I’m so happy for you guys.  You’re finally married!!!  I hope you had a wonderful time on your transatlantic cruise.  I can’t wait to hear about it!

With love,


And for your viewing pleasure…  Me smushed up against the ceiling to get a photo.

The second shooter for both this wedding and then the day’s wedding (blog post coming soon!), Kris Fulk!  She is also a great friend that will help you put on your bracelets.  That’s why I keep her around!

My assistant for the day, Amy Reed, gettin’ the shot.

3 thoughts on “Jason + Kristin = Married!

    • Girl, your photos were awesome! I used a lot of them in the blog post! Thanks for being such a good second!

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