Ashley + Thomas = Married!

Sometimes I get the amazing joy to photograph a wedding of people that I truly love and cherish.  Ashley and Thomas’ wedding was one of those and I’m so excited to share some of the many many images I took on March 24, 2012!

The beautiful bride!

Now, this bridal party will probably always be some of my favorites.  First, it contains my previous roommates (Ashley, Heather, and Sara) and I knew the rest of the bridesmaids through Ashley!

The handsome groom, Thomas!

As we were walking over to the church from the hotel the girls got ready at, Ashley decided to recreate the scene from Bridesmaids.  And of course, I needed to share it here!

One of the many things that I loved about this wedding was how much of an emphasis was placed on putting God first.  The guys prayed together, the girls prayed together, and the wedding party prayed together right before the ceremony.  You shall see more later…

Ashley and TK didn’t want to see each other until the wedding.  This didn’t stop them from praying together though before the ceremony.

The girls praying.

Could there be any cuter ringbearers?  They forgot the pillows walking down the aisle, but I don’t know if anyone noticed!

There was a time of worship before their vows.  Matt and I played this song at our wedding.  I actually walked down the aisle to this song so it has great meaning for me.

First dance.

Father Daughter Dance.

Couldn’t help but get a photo with my previous roomies!  I love these ladies!

They had lavender there for people to throw as they were leaving.  It smelled SO GOOD!

All in all, it was a great wedding with some great people involved in it.  Thank you Ashley and Thomas for trusting me to photograph your beautiful wedding.  I love you both so much!


4 thoughts on “Ashley + Thomas = Married!

  1. We are so glad you were part of the day. Thanks to you and Matt for the many hours of serving and support, not only with the photos, but with everything you did to help. The photographs are amazingly beautiful, but nothing compared to your hearts of love and service. Looking forward to each photo. You captured the emotions so well. Love you!!!!

  2. oh my word..i was tearing up just looking at some of these photo’s. rachel, you and matt did such a wonderful job and are gifted! we all had such an amazing time at this wedding! God is so good and I believe He was very pleased at this celebration of this union!! woop de woop! cant wait to see more pics! :o)

  3. I couldn’t make the wedding because I had just broken my wrist but looking at the pictures I felt like I was yhere. I had tears in my eyes, they are such a beautiful couple. Than yoy so much for sharing

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