Visual Supply CO. – Plus an Editing Dilemma

Yesterday, I updated my Facebook Page that I was downloading Lightoom 4.  Updating the software for photography is like buying new paintbrushes would be for an oil painter.  I had recently been looking for ways to continue make my workflow more efficient and to work towards the look I am going for in my editing.  After spending time researching post-processing techniques, I decided to add the Visual Supply Co. (VSCO) editing software to my repertoire.

Now this is the problem I have.  I love almost all of the VSCO film effects.  They are fantastic!  I have always loved the special look of film and the unique effects it has.  Hopefully you’ll agree as you see it come in through my photographs.  I can hardly decide which sort of editing tool I want to use to each photograph.

What do you think?  Black and white or color?  These are from Gabri and Matt’s Narrative Maternity Session.  I was able to visit them in Kentucky and photograph them in their adorable home.  There are more to come!

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