Morgan + Jeremy = Engaged! – Rachel Hope Photography Narrative Session

When two people love each other, you can see it in the way they look at each other.  In the way they talk.  In the way that they touch.  Morgan and Jeremy show their love in little ways seen in their actions.  When asked how others might explain their relationship Morgan said, “They would say that they see us as best friends who already seem to be married.  We have a lot in common, are mutually respectful and loving.”  Both Matt and I could see little glimpses of that throughout their narrative session.

Love this photo…

Morgan and Jeremy have been dating for over 5 + 1/2 years.  After dating long distance for a few years after college they finally live in the same city again.  Love it!

For my long time blog readers, you may have noticed that I’ve started writing about doing Narrative Sessions.  I have been wanting to find ways to accurately portray my clients through my photography.  Matt and I have been working on focusing our photography business into what we really wanted to be photographing.  The sessions that have meant the most to me have been sitting in people’s homes where they are the most comfortable.  A Narrative Session is a way to spend more time with a client and seeking to tell their story.  A narration of a part of their story is what I am seeking to create.

Morgan and Jeremy were awesome enough to let me and Matt into their cute apartment to photograph them.

This also gave me the chance to meet their cat – Romeo!

Some of the pretty things on our nature walk…

Morgan and Jeremy, thank you for allowing Matt and I to come into into your lives at this exciting time.  I loved spending time with you guys at the park and in your home!


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