Cali Family – Richmond/Rosenberg Family Portraits

What a joy it is to see a family interacting and enjoying each other.  Tony, Nancy, and Leah Cali came down from New York state to visit their son, Jason (Quick side note – My dad is from upstate New York, so I have a special place in my heart for New Yorkers).  Jason asked if I would do a family portrait session with them and his girlfriend and her son.  Of course I said yes!  It was a fun experience and we got to explore some new places.

Without further ado, the Cali fam!

The whole gang

The two that started it all.

Jason and Kristin

The Cali Fam

Can you say fierce?  I feel like your eyes make your look Egyptian, Kristin!  They are so beautiful!

The sassy Leah!

Beautiful mom.

We tried something a little different with Jason…  I like how it turned out!

And my absolutely favorite shot from the session.  In black and white…  Oh how I love black and white!

Thanks to Kris Fulk for assisting!  You are a great person!

Thanks, Cali family for choosing me to capture your family on that beautiful March day!

Simpson’s Family Portrait Session – Missouri City and Sugar Land, Texas

I think it’s high time for a new blog post.

My dear,

It has been a crazy few weeks here where I am.  Getting engaged, about to graduate college, finals.  Oh my.  Finals.  And my 20-25 page paper.  You know, I am possibly on here just because I don’t want to get started on that paper, but shh…  You didn’t hear it from me!

In other way way way way way way exciting news, I got my camera!  Yahoo!  I have saved up my tips from Java Jacks, saved all of my money made on portrait sessions in the past little while, and have an amazing fiance who, for my birthday, got a bunch of people together to help me buy my beautiful Nikon D300!  Hip hip hooray!  Matt drove it up from Houston last night.  He asked which I was more excited to see, him or the camera.

I couldn’t choose.

Now, here are some pictures from the Simpson’s family portrait session in Missouri City.  If you’d like to know a little more about them, Jennie blogs here.

It’s the little moments that count, right?

Do you have a photograph that just makes your heart happy?  These next few images still get me to giggle everytime I look at them.  Look at their ears, their expressions…  Amazing.

Jennie and Jerl, you guys have an amazing family and I had so much fun exploring new places and getting to hang out with you!


(The last three photographs were put together using a storyboard action from

Houston Family Portraits – Vahlkamps Part Two!

Yesterday, Matt and I went out with the Vahlkamps for the second time in the past month or so.  This time, we did not have a defunct battery to slow us down!  We went to the Houston Garden Center and walked around a park.  It was a lot of fun spending that time with them.  Erinn and Win, I’m so glad you trusted me with this opportunity.  You have an amazing family!

Now for some images.








You guys are awesome!  Thanks so much for the fun yesterday!

As always, vote for your favorite!  Let me know whatcha think.

Vahlkamp Family Portraits – Houston

Today was a good lesson in checking your equipment several times before going out on a shoot.  A little way into the shoot I noticed my battery was getting low, so I thought that I could just grab the extra battery that Matt just bought and that had been on the charger all night long.  I put it in.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.

It was terrible.

They were awesome about it and we’ll be doing another session soon.  The Vahlkamps and I have been planning on doing a family portrait session for a while now.  Erinn was the first one to offer to donate to my camera fund in exchange for a photography shoot.  I am so blessed to be a part of a community that cares for me.  I hope they enjoy the photographs!



The four wonderful kids!

The four wonderful kids!

Look Ma!  No hands!

Look Ma! No hands!

This is Rachel (sweet name...).  She wasn't too crazy about the camera, so I was very glad to capture this smiling moment!

This is Rachel (sweet name...). She wasn't too crazy about the camera, so I was very glad to capture this smiling moment!

Grace on the other hand loved being in front of the camera.  And making different faces.  And being awesome!

Grace on the other hand loved being in front of the camera. And making different faces. And being awesome!

And last but not least, a family portrait!  I didn’t get too many of these that I loved before the batteries made me want to throw the camera in the pond.  Heehee.

Family Portrait in the museum district.

Family Portrait in the museum district.

I have a great picture of Will, but apparently I have gone over my upload limit.  Uhh… Not cool Word Press.  I will have to figure my way around this, but not tonight.

Goodnight, Internet!  Hello, sleep!

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