Remember This.

Today you were having a tough time falling asleep. I knew you were tired so I curled my body around yours. I held your hand and reassured you that you were fine… You were just sleepy.  As you drifted off into sleep I realized I want to remember all of this.

The way my hand can hold your whole forearm in it and still have your fingers wrapped around just one of my fingers. How, when I’m not holding your hand, you have moments of light sleep where your hands reach up to your face and open and close repeatedly.  The way your eyelashes gently touch your chubby cheeks. How your wispy hair tickles my arm. The way you smell and feel.

One more week where I’m here for all of your naps, your cries, your contagious smiles. I know I’ll still see these on a daily basis, just not as much.

And while I sit at my desk at work, I’ll remember.

I’ll remember this.


Morley/Weber/Page/Butler Family Session

Some families have a lot of life in them, you know?  I’ve known this family for as long as I can remember.  Rebecca is a few months younger than me and it seems we’ve never completely lost contact.  Now, she and her husband Ben are in our Pajupper Club (Yeah…  Pajupper Club is a supper club where everyone wears pajammas.  It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever!) and we love spending time with them.  Now when they approached me about doing an extended family session while their dad, Chris was in town, I was really excited about the prospect.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to photograph these beautiful people?  And can we just stop real quick and say what stinkin’ cute kids these people make?  Goodness.  Without further ado, here are the photographs!

We started out in a park near their house for the more “formal” images.


A proud dad with his girls.


Is it wrong that I love taking photographs of kids when they cry?  Because I love it.



Then we went back to the Weber’s house to make cupcakes.  Something everyone could enjoy.




So in this photo, Atticus is looking at his uncle Ben.  I adore this photo.



How cool is is this giant Jenga set?  You have to roll dice to see which color to get.  It was a great hit with the kids.  I’m pretty sure I want a set when we don’t live in an apartment.







Gotta end out the session with a little extra cuteness. 


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Here’s a quick favorite from Saturday’s shoot.

Our First Anniversary Photographs – Photographed by Jenni Westbrook

For our First Anniversary, I commissioned the fabulous Jenni Westbrook to do a little photoshoot for us.  I thought it was a cute idea for the traditional “paper” anniversary.

The photos are important for us for a few reasons.  For one, we feel it is really important to have personal photographs of the two of us.  We have to ton of photographs of ourselves individually or the really classy photographs where one of us holds the camera and we squeeze our faces close together (you know which ones I’m talking about!  Just imagine doing it with a DSLR that weighs a little lot more than your iPhone).  The following are photographs from our anniversary trip to Asheville, NC.  The first two are taken at the Biltmore Estate.  The photo of the two of us was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway.




For two, so often once people get married, they stop taking pictures!  This is the man that I love so much.  That I got to choose to live the rest of my life with.  And he chose the same thing (woohoo!)!  I want to document our love as it grows and matures.

And final reason?  Our apartment complex had just informed us as we were about to leave on our trip that we had one month to find a new apartment.  I loved our first apartment and the great first year that we spent there.  We wanted to document a little of that before it was torn down (probably to make way for some ugly condos.  Currently it’s just a flat lot with nothing on it.  So sad!)

Jenni is a great friend who you might remember from our blog post where her fiancée Alex proposed.  You can see some of her work on her Flickr site.  I’m only posting a few of our favorite images.  If I wanted to post all of our favorites, this blog post would be way too long.  Jenni shoots a lot of film.  I’m so impressed with that because film kinda… scares me!  I don’t get the instant gratification of seeing if my images are good, if eyes are closed, etc.  Maybe Jenni will give me some lessons in patience and film shooting.  For our session, she shot with a Nikon D300s and some of her crazy cameras.  I don’t even know the names…

Okay.  Too much talking (err. Typing, I suppose).  To the photographs!  We broke out my wedding dress for a few shots.  I still love this dress, but I don’t think I’ll be keeping it.  Anyone know someone who needs a wedding dress who is about my size?  :-)

Blankes 1yr Anniversary_18

Blankes 1yr Anniversary_30

Blankes 1yr Anniversary_21

Blankes 1yr Anniversary_164

Blankes 1yr Anniversary_169

Blankes 1yr Anniversary_176

Blankes 1yr Anniversary_2

I almost just wrote “favorite” in front of all of these.  I’m ordering a bunch so they don’t just sit on my computer forgotten!  Thank you so much Jenni for the amazing photographs!  I’m so thankful that we were able to make this happen.

If you are way overdue for couple photographs, please let me know.  I’d love to give some of the same joy that we got from seeing our love in print form.  Jenni is, of course, available too and I’d love to get you guys in contact with her!

With love,


Jenni + Alex = Engaged!

Sometimes you just know.  When Alex caught glimpse of Jenni while dancing at our wedding, he came up to Matt and asked, “Who is that girl over there?”  He thankfully didn’t hear my new husband tell him that he thought she was seeing someone, but went and talked to her.
I feel blessed to be able to have seen their relationship grow from a new friendship with shared interest to romantic love shown by mutual respect and deep caring.  When we heard that Alex was going to surprise Jenni by taking her on a nice date and then proposing, we were so excited.  And then… we got to help set it up and photograph it!

They started out the night with dinner at The Bird and the Bear and Alex told Jenni he wanted to go on a walk from there.  They ended up in front of Bethany Christian Church on Westheimer (where Matt and I got married almost a year ago) and happened upon a courtyard lit with white Christmas lights and our living room floor lamps.  He asked if he could have the dance that he missed out on the night they met (cue the “awww”s) and they spent a minute or so dancing.
From there, he led her to a bench that had a basin with a towel and a jar of water near it.  Just like Jesus showed his disciples that he came to lead with a servants heart by washing their feet, Alex washed Jenni’s feet.  And with tears in both of their eyes, he asked her if she would spend the rest of her life with him.  Cue the kissing and hugging and laughing and such…  And now they are engaged!  And I have photographs to prove it!


I hope you enjoyed these photographs.  I’ll be posting the rest of them all on my Facebook Page in the next couple of days, so check back!
With Love,


Gabri and Matt’s Narrative Maternity Session

I think I’ve started this post over three times.  I can’t decide exactly what to say.  Do I start out saying happy Father’s Day to the newest dad I know?  Do I start talking about how part of my heart is definitely here in Houston, but another big part of my heart is in Kentucky where my two best friends live?  Because truly, I feel that way.  One of those best friends, Gabri, just had her first baby, Emma Rose.  I was so blessed to be able to visit Kentucky this year on Gabri’s birthday and see her beautiful baby bump.  Now I desperately want to visit to see Emma!  I’ll have to wait a few months, I suppose.  Without further ado, here’s the photos of one of my bestest friends in the whole world, her husband Matt, Wendy their dog, and the baby bump.


Wendy reminds me of a muppet.  I’m not always the biggest fan of dogs, but I found myself missing Wendy.  She’s a pretty fantastic dog!









I love how Gabri and Matt love each other.  You can see it in the way that Gabri looks at him, in the way Matt prefers Gabri.  It’s good when seeing another relationship makes you want to love and care for your spouse more.  That’s how I feel after spending time with Gabri and Matt.




We might have gone a little crazy buying cute little baby girl clothes. If you follow me on Instagram (RachelHPerry), you might remember all the cute clothes I posted…



Gabri and Matt, I love you guys.  I am so excited about your little Emma and I know you both will be great parents.

With love,


Visual Supply CO. – Plus an Editing Dilemma

Yesterday, I updated my Facebook Page that I was downloading Lightoom 4.  Updating the software for photography is like buying new paintbrushes would be for an oil painter.  I had recently been looking for ways to continue make my workflow more efficient and to work towards the look I am going for in my editing.  After spending time researching post-processing techniques, I decided to add the Visual Supply Co. (VSCO) editing software to my repertoire.

Now this is the problem I have.  I love almost all of the VSCO film effects.  They are fantastic!  I have always loved the special look of film and the unique effects it has.  Hopefully you’ll agree as you see it come in through my photographs.  I can hardly decide which sort of editing tool I want to use to each photograph.

What do you think?  Black and white or color?  These are from Gabri and Matt’s Narrative Maternity Session.  I was able to visit them in Kentucky and photograph them in their adorable home.  There are more to come!

Heather, My Baby Sister – Houston Senior Portrait Photographer

Ok guys.  Get ready for a WHOLE LOT of photos.  See, not only do I really really like this person, but she is also beautiful and fantastic.  And dare I mention – gets her fantastic charm from MUAH!  Haha.  Not really.

I cannot believe that my sister is a senior in high school.  Sometimes I still expect her to be little, but I can’t anymore.  I mean, heck, she’s a good four inches taller than me!

Through high school, she’s competed in basketball, track, and volleyball…

But is also on the student counsel and makes awesome grades.

And she’s got the Perry looks!  :-D

The only problem with doing a session with close family is that they know you really well.

Heather tried to run away…

Punch me…

Made crazy faces…

Punched walls…


But in the end…

It was worth it.



Much thanks to my handsome man, Matt, for assisting on this shoot.


Heather, I’m so proud of you and all of your accomplishments, but most of all… I will love you forever and ever little sis.  I’m so glad we’re friends.


Personal Post – Vacation time!

In early December, Stephanie and I flew up to Louisville, Kentucky to visit Gabri, one of our bestest friends in the world!  Along the way we saw our friends Tom and Amber with their beautiful twin babies (next blog post is a session I did with them!), played in the snow, and got some serious shopping done.  I had such a wonderful time of rest and relaxation that I so desperately needed.  Here are a few images from the trip.

My wonderful travelmate, Stephanie.  I think she looks awesome in the snow.  Oh how I love her!

This is Wendy.  She’s Gabri and Matt’s dog.  What a hilarious puppy.  So cute.

I was so excited to see the snow…

As a Texas girl, I love seeing the snow because it’s not a normal thing!  I think I was meant for the cold.  I love scarves, gloves, and coats.

Now before you see this next photo, I just want to say that these girls.  Goodness.  They have my heart.  My life would not be the same without these lovely women.

After taking a few photos, Steph thought it would be a good idea to start a fight.

Our friends Tom and Amber live in Lexington.  We were able to spend the weekend with them and their new babies.  Wesley and Adellyn have my heart.  So cute!

More to come later!

With care,


Cali Family Photo Albums – Houston Family Portrait Photographer

Wow… I have been really bad about updating my blog!  I have so many sessions and a wedding to show everyone!

A few months ago, the Cali family ordered two photo albums from me.  I was so excited to have their cute family session (which can be seen here) in a printed book!  Here are the results!

Here they are, all wrapped up pretty.


And my favorite spread of the album!

They decided to go with the blue and brown linen covers which I really like.  I can also have them made in other colors and in leather!

And a special thank you goes to my man, Matt Blanke!  He did all the design work and is amazing.  Find him on Twitter @mattblanke!

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