Heather + Ben = Engaged!

Sometimes you just know.

Heather and Ben are a pretty amazing couple.  I’ve known Heather for a few years (she now lives a few streets away from me.  She’s a half-roomie at my house!) and she is an amazing woman of God.  With a firm foundation in Christ, she spurs others into new depths of relationship with God.

Add Ben.  Ben’s newer to our circle of friends.  We all like him already.  Ben and Heather have known each other for a few years, but recently it has become more romantic in it’s intention.

I think what is so special about their relationship is that it appeared when there was no expectation for such, but has grown with intention.  It’s been a magical thing to watch.

We recently found out that Ben is quite ticklish.

During a minute of downtime, I snapped this photo of them.  I love it because they have such a mutual care for each other that comes through when they speak.

My personal favorite.

We lost light super quickly, so Matt and I busted out our off camera flash.  Ba Bam!


And what’s a good trip with friends without a face shaking contest.  Let me know who you think wins!

Personally, I think Matt wins.  Have you ever tried this?  Hilarity will ensure, I promise!

Heather and Ben, thank you for your friendship.  I absolutely adore Heather and I can’t wait to have Ben in Houston to join our circle of friends.  Meanwhile, wedding planning is in full force.  There will be a follow up wedding to this post for my first “destination” wedding in September in Michigan!  Whoop whoop!


With care,


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Bonnie and Tatum – Brenham Wedding Photography

On June 5th, Bonnie and Tatum tied the knot!

I met Bonnie a few months ago through work and we hit it off!  I mean, both engaged, both working the same sort of job, both looking forward to the future.  She’s a very straightforward and knows what she wants kind of girl.  I was so excited when they decided to use me to photograph their wedding!

Bonnie is from Brenham, Texas and that is where they decided to get married! Matt assisted me and got some awesome shots!

Matt’s shot.  I love it!

Another Matt shot…  Bonnie’s dad is a jeweler.  Holy cow their rings are awesome!

Another shot of those fabulous Christian Louboutin shoes she was sporting!

I love wedding ceremonies.  They are so full of meaning, emotions, and the visible sign of a relationship where two people are to become one.

One of Tatum’s cute boys!

A few details…

And the flower girl was not grumpy very much, but I do have to admit that grumpy flower girls make me laugh a little…

This cake looks cool on the outside, but OH EM GEE…  It was carrot cake.  Stinkin’ awesome!  The grooms cake was gluten free and so good.

Bonnie and Tatum saved wine bottles and placed candles in them as their wedding centerpieces.  Some has really cool labels like this one…

This cake topper was bought on Etsy.  Love!

The bouquet!

Man, this crowd danced!  Everyone sat around during dinner and chatted, but once that music started up, everyone – young and old – started dancing.

This photograph just makes me so happy.  I want that to be me and Matt when we’re old…

A much happier flower girl.

At one point, the bridesmaids decided to serenade the bride.  It was awesome.  Look at their fantastic use of water bottles and a lighter.

Pure joy.

Oh…  And here’s my hot second shooter.  <3

I hope you enjoyed Bonnie and Tatum’s wedding photographs!   I had a wonderful time getting to hang out with them all day and see a major stepping stone in their relationship.  Congrats guys!  To view the rest of the pictures, visit my online gallery.

With Love,


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Gabri and Matt’s Louisville, Kentucky Wedding!

Last summer, my beautiful friend Gabri married her Matt.  Gabri and Matt met at a prayer meeting after Gabri left Houston (*tear!) and moved to Kentucky.  The rest is history!

All this was shot with a D40, a manual 50mm f/2 lens, and the kit lens.  My shooting regalia has gotten much better since then!

I just love this next images of the flower being put in Gabri’s hair!  Look at the eyelashes!  Gabri is a gorgeous person!

It was a beautiful day that I’m so glad I was able to be a part of!

Quick Update – Photo CDs!

So, I’m still alive.  I promise!  It’s been a little crazy with the holidays and all.  Remembering to take the time to write out my thoughts comes after trying to find a job.  Seriously guys, it’s a little hard!  But it’s all part of the journey and that journey is one that I am happy to take.

In other news, I sent out the CDs from my last photography sessions.  Matt helped me create a unique design for printing on the CDs.

Really, I don’t know what I’d do without him!  He’s also helping me do some rebranding.  Since I am changing my last name in the near future (don’t know when yet.  I’ll let ya know!) the name “Rachel Perry Photography” just won’t do anymore!  So expect some changes happenin’ real soon!


This will be a quick one, but this is just to say that I’m engaged!  Here’s the story…

On Friday, November 27, Matt and I went out with a local photographer (Matt Trevino) who was doing some free couple’s portrait sessions to build his portfolio.  I had seen his ad on Craigslist and thought that it would be fun!  You know, I could network with another photographer (who has an awesome personality) and get pictures with my man!

We met with the photographer (who we’ll call Matthew just to make it clear between my Matt and Matthew so no one gets confused) near downtown.  After a couple of different location shots, we ended up in the theater district.  Here we are, posing for photographs and then Matt starts acting weird.

I ask, “Why aren’t you looking at the camera?” as I nod to where he’s supposed to be looking.  Duh, I mean, we are in a photoshoot!

Then he starts talking about how much he loves me and how fun this is.  As I’m standing there, I’m wondering why he’s talking about this now.  Haahaa.  There are pictures to be taken.

Then suddenly.

It hits me.

Holy cow.  HO-LY COW.

My mind starts racing.  No way is this really happening.  OMG.

Then he got down on one knee.  And holds up this pretty stinkin’ amazing sparkly ring.

And I said yes.

So there you have it.  That’s the not so short story!

There were some funny moments like when Matt, after forgetting what he was going to say, said, “I forgot where I was going with this.  I mean, I know exactly where I’m going with this!” or fumbling to get my promise ring off of my finger so that I could put my new ring on.  He now wears my promise ring on a chain around his neck as a symbol of our love, but that there is still a promise that has been made for purity.

He’s a pretty cool guy.  ;-)

If you want to see pictures of the ring, they are on my Facebook page.  If you aren’t a friend, just add me!  The pictures from the actual photoshoot will be put up here at a later date when I have them.  I’m excited to see them!

And, as a sneak preview of the Simpson’s family portrait session which happened on Friday morning before all of the excitement, here’s one of my favorites from the day…

With Love,

Rachel Perry

Quiet. Peaceful. Bliss. And Exciting News!!!

Quick note of blissful happiness before my post…  I might have an engagement shoot coming up in Houston!  For people I don’t know!  Yahoo!

Today, after sitting at my computer for a few hours and then skipping a workout class at the gym (I didn’t want to go to a dancing/aerobics workout by myself!  Could be potentially embarrassing!), I decided to make good use out of the arboretum at SFASU.

Le sigh.  I have no idea why I don’t walk over there more often.  In the spring, it is alive with colors and fragrances.  In the fall, the autumn leaves are breathtaking.  As of now, the leaves are still green, flowers are still growing, and the temperature is still warm.

I am a people person.  I love surrounding myself with people and their hopes and dreams.  I love to help them grow.  But sometimes, I just need a little me time, you know?  Time where I am not listening to talking, not reading a textbook or self-help book (more on my love of self-help books at a later time), not gorging myself on photography links on the internet.  Just me.  And God.  And whatever else comes to mind.

I was able to enjoy the birds chirping.

The water slowly trickling across rocks and making beautiful patters.

The pee-wee football players playing in the bright green grass with lovely white flowers being smushed underneath their eager feet.

It was a beautiful evening to walk and think and pray.  I should do this more often!  Next time, maybe I’ll bring a camera better than my cell phone (working hard on that one!).

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