Miller Family Narrative Session

The Miller’s are a family that I have known for a long while.  When I first met them Anna (their youngest – now ten!) wasn’t born yet.  Kris and Tori headed up the young adult group for most of my college years so they have known Matt and I since we started dating.  I remember going on double dates with them and asking them dozens of questions about how we should date well, live life to the full, and how to do so with purpose.  They have plenty of stories about us that are hilarious, I’m sure!

Matt and I trusted them because we lived in community with them.  And when you live in community with someone, you get to see their heart for the people around them and for God.  Seeing their marriage working day by day with small children and job changes and all that life could throw at them, we had hope for a great marriage for us as well.  When Matt proposed, all I knew is that we should have Kris to officiate the ceremony.  He and Tori had been with us through thick and thin, leading by example, and helping when asked so who else to help us in celebrating?

A few Saturdays ago, Matt and I spent the day hanging out with the Millers.  The kids got to show off their skills, they played together as a family, and we took a few photographs.  I am loving these Narrative Sessions we’ve been doing.  It really lets the family’s story shine through because we don’t just spend 45 minutes at a pretty park taking photographs.  It’s hopefully getting what being a family looks like.  It’s finding what makes your family different and unique and capturing that.

Kris and Tori will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this Wednesday!

Enjoy the photographs

Kris and Anna


Anna showing off her soccer skills


Kollin is a great guitarist.  He and Matt played together for awhile while I was outside with the girls playing volleyball.


The beautiful Tori


Kris attacking Tori.  Don’t worry, this is normal!


Watching the girls doing something silly


The whole crew



Anna!  How cute are these striped pants??


The awesome Molly


The gorgeous Noel




Kollin brought his very sweet girlfriend along for part of the photoshoot.  Aren’t they cute?


Moving from one cute couple to the next…





I know I posted this one on my Facebook Photography Page, but I couldn’t resist posting it again.  Love this…


At the start of the session, Kris asks us, “I need a professional photo for speaking engagements, do you think you could get one of me?  Please?”  Of course!  Here ya go, Kris!


I hoped you enjoyed this little peek into the Miller family.  Their gallery can be viewed online, but you must have the super secret password.

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Lyon Family Twins!

Sometimes there are just people who are magnetic in their personality and the way they care about others…  Tom and Amber are just those kinds of people.  Ummm… and then they have twins?!?  How could I not love these babies?!  When Stephanie and I flew to Kentucky, we drove up to their house in Lexington with Gabri and spent the weekend with them.  We had so much fun with them and loving on little Wesley and Adellyn.  Enjoy the photos!

One proud Daddy.

The twins got a bath.  Amber is such a good Mom!

I got to steal the babies away from them and do a little session right in their home.   Meet Adellyn…

She’s a charmer!

Cute little toes…

So adorable…

As long as I’ve known Tom and Amber, they’ve had Trinity.

Ready for some heart melting???

‘Cause here it is…

I set little Wesley down and he started making all kinds of faces.  That might be why there are a few more of him because I just could NOT CHOOSE which ones were my favorites!

His little wrinkly forehead…


Now, I normally wouldn’t take a photograph from underneath a persons chin.  But in the case of a baby, it’s adorable.  So enjoy the double chin!

If this doesn’t make you want Christmas again, I don’t know what will.  One of my favorites from the session…

And then yes… I was that horrible photographer who took little babies out into the snow.  But they were such troopers!

To view the full gallery click HERE!

Tom and Amber, thanks for being so awesome and having such cute kids.  I love you guys!

With care,


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Cali Family Photo Albums – Houston Family Portrait Photographer

Wow… I have been really bad about updating my blog!  I have so many sessions and a wedding to show everyone!

A few months ago, the Cali family ordered two photo albums from me.  I was so excited to have their cute family session (which can be seen here) in a printed book!  Here are the results!

Here they are, all wrapped up pretty.


And my favorite spread of the album!

They decided to go with the blue and brown linen covers which I really like.  I can also have them made in other colors and in leather!

And a special thank you goes to my man, Matt Blanke!  He did all the design work and is amazing.  Find him on Twitter @mattblanke!

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