Remember This.

Today you were having a tough time falling asleep. I knew you were tired so I curled my body around yours. I held your hand and reassured you that you were fine… You were just sleepy.  As you drifted off into sleep I realized I want to remember all of this.

The way my hand can hold your whole forearm in it and still have your fingers wrapped around just one of my fingers. How, when I’m not holding your hand, you have moments of light sleep where your hands reach up to your face and open and close repeatedly.  The way your eyelashes gently touch your chubby cheeks. How your wispy hair tickles my arm. The way you smell and feel.

One more week where I’m here for all of your naps, your cries, your contagious smiles. I know I’ll still see these on a daily basis, just not as much.

And while I sit at my desk at work, I’ll remember.

I’ll remember this.

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