Miller Family Narrative Session

The Miller’s are a family that I have known for a long while.  When I first met them Anna (their youngest – now ten!) wasn’t born yet.  Kris and Tori headed up the young adult group for most of my college years so they have known Matt and I since we started dating.  I remember going on double dates with them and asking them dozens of questions about how we should date well, live life to the full, and how to do so with purpose.  They have plenty of stories about us that are hilarious, I’m sure!

Matt and I trusted them because we lived in community with them.  And when you live in community with someone, you get to see their heart for the people around them and for God.  Seeing their marriage working day by day with small children and job changes and all that life could throw at them, we had hope for a great marriage for us as well.  When Matt proposed, all I knew is that we should have Kris to officiate the ceremony.  He and Tori had been with us through thick and thin, leading by example, and helping when asked so who else to help us in celebrating?

A few Saturdays ago, Matt and I spent the day hanging out with the Millers.  The kids got to show off their skills, they played together as a family, and we took a few photographs.  I am loving these Narrative Sessions we’ve been doing.  It really lets the family’s story shine through because we don’t just spend 45 minutes at a pretty park taking photographs.  It’s hopefully getting what being a family looks like.  It’s finding what makes your family different and unique and capturing that.

Kris and Tori will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this Wednesday!

Enjoy the photographs

Kris and Anna


Anna showing off her soccer skills


Kollin is a great guitarist.  He and Matt played together for awhile while I was outside with the girls playing volleyball.


The beautiful Tori


Kris attacking Tori.  Don’t worry, this is normal!


Watching the girls doing something silly


The whole crew



Anna!  How cute are these striped pants??


The awesome Molly


The gorgeous Noel




Kollin brought his very sweet girlfriend along for part of the photoshoot.  Aren’t they cute?


Moving from one cute couple to the next…





I know I posted this one on my Facebook Photography Page, but I couldn’t resist posting it again.  Love this…


At the start of the session, Kris asks us, “I need a professional photo for speaking engagements, do you think you could get one of me?  Please?”  Of course!  Here ya go, Kris!


I hoped you enjoyed this little peek into the Miller family.  Their gallery can be viewed online, but you must have the super secret password.

With love,


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Morgan + Jeremy = Engaged! – Rachel Hope Photography Narrative Session

When two people love each other, you can see it in the way they look at each other.  In the way they talk.  In the way that they touch.  Morgan and Jeremy show their love in little ways seen in their actions.  When asked how others might explain their relationship Morgan said, “They would say that they see us as best friends who already seem to be married.  We have a lot in common, are mutually respectful and loving.”  Both Matt and I could see little glimpses of that throughout their narrative session.

Love this photo…

Morgan and Jeremy have been dating for over 5 + 1/2 years.  After dating long distance for a few years after college they finally live in the same city again.  Love it!

For my long time blog readers, you may have noticed that I’ve started writing about doing Narrative Sessions.  I have been wanting to find ways to accurately portray my clients through my photography.  Matt and I have been working on focusing our photography business into what we really wanted to be photographing.  The sessions that have meant the most to me have been sitting in people’s homes where they are the most comfortable.  A Narrative Session is a way to spend more time with a client and seeking to tell their story.  A narration of a part of their story is what I am seeking to create.

Morgan and Jeremy were awesome enough to let me and Matt into their cute apartment to photograph them.

This also gave me the chance to meet their cat – Romeo!

Some of the pretty things on our nature walk…

Morgan and Jeremy, thank you for allowing Matt and I to come into into your lives at this exciting time.  I loved spending time with you guys at the park and in your home!


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Jason + Kristin = Married!

Man, I’m a little behind on getting some of these photos out the door!  I’ve known Jason and Kristin for a while now through church.  You can see a family portrait session that we did last year here!  They are great people and had an awesome wedding!  If you would like to see all the photos, please meander on to the GALLERY.

Venue – House Plantation
Dress – Weddings by Debbie
Florist – Arteflora
Band – Drywater Band
Catering – World Cakes and Catering

The bride getting some stuff together.

Some details…

The rings!

The dress!

I got a lot of great photos of Kristin getting ready.  This one just happens to be my favorite because her eyes are HUGE!

Checkin’ herself out.

Jason and Julian.

Some of the beautiful centerpieces!

Kristin’s son, Julian.

Jason was so happy to see his bride!

Kristin’s parents looking on.  Her mom has gorgeous eyes just like her!

The Drywater Band was one of the best wedding bands I have seen.

There was lots of dancing to be done.

And people danced.

And the getaway…

I’m so happy for you guys.  You’re finally married!!!  I hope you had a wonderful time on your transatlantic cruise.  I can’t wait to hear about it!

With love,


And for your viewing pleasure…  Me smushed up against the ceiling to get a photo.

The second shooter for both this wedding and then the day’s wedding (blog post coming soon!), Kris Fulk!  She is also a great friend that will help you put on your bracelets.  That’s why I keep her around!

My assistant for the day, Amy Reed, gettin’ the shot.

Heather, My Baby Sister – Houston Senior Portrait Photographer

Ok guys.  Get ready for a WHOLE LOT of photos.  See, not only do I really really like this person, but she is also beautiful and fantastic.  And dare I mention – gets her fantastic charm from MUAH!  Haha.  Not really.

I cannot believe that my sister is a senior in high school.  Sometimes I still expect her to be little, but I can’t anymore.  I mean, heck, she’s a good four inches taller than me!

Through high school, she’s competed in basketball, track, and volleyball…

But is also on the student counsel and makes awesome grades.

And she’s got the Perry looks!  :-D

The only problem with doing a session with close family is that they know you really well.

Heather tried to run away…

Punch me…

Made crazy faces…

Punched walls…


But in the end…

It was worth it.



Much thanks to my handsome man, Matt, for assisting on this shoot.


Heather, I’m so proud of you and all of your accomplishments, but most of all… I will love you forever and ever little sis.  I’m so glad we’re friends.


Sara + Michael Part II – Riverbend Country Club Wedding Photography

I know all of you had been waiting with baited breath for part II of Sara and Michael’s wedding…  So without further ado, here it is!

Sara and Michael decided to do a first look.  This means that we were able to snap a few photographs while they were able to take a few breaths before the whole thing!  Sara was so excited to see him.  Can you tell?

The families.

The first kiss as husband and wife!

One of my favorite formal photographs ever taken!  I’m just so hilarious apparently…

And I had to put two photos of this first dance.  I loved it.  Father-daughter dances always make me tear up.  I can’t even imagine what my dance with my dad will be like.  We will be buckets of tears…

Ali playing air guitar.  She’s pretty awesome at it.

Now, this is a photograph that I would normally not include in a post, or in the proofs, or anything, but notice on the right hand side…  Our off camera flash created some fun lines looking as though they are shooting out of her eyes.  I love it!

It was a great time!

Matt and I and the lovely bride and groom.  I <3 them!

And I had to get a photograph with Ali as well!

Saying goodbye.

All in all, it was a great night with some amazing people.  Thank you for trusting me with your wedding.  We had a great time!


With care,


Sara and Michael – Sneak Peek – River Bend Country Club

Here’s a quick sneak peek from Sara and Michael’s wedding on 1-1-11!  I love this couple.  They are a whole lot of fun and I really tried to capture that.  More to come soon!

Zach and Angie – Houston Wedding Photography

Back in March I second shot with the amazing duo of Mike and Deb Turner of MD Turner Photography.  This was my first ever wedding!  Mike and Deb blogged about it on this post.  The wedding was at Grace Presbyterian Church and the reception was at the Westlake Club.  I have been to Grace Presbyterian before for Regional Choir when I was in high school (the sanctuary has awesome acoustics!), but the Westlake Club was new to me!

Loved her shoes!

The awesome Mike and Deb

With Love,


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Missouri City Family Portrait Photography – Extended Vahlkamp Family

When Win and Erinn asked if I could do some family portraits with them, I was very excited.  I love this family (we’re in the same homegroup together and seem to take similar classes at church) and we’ve done a session before!  This time it was because Win’s whole side of the family would be in the area and they wanted pictures together.  Whoa.  16 people in all!  We had a fun short time together and then they invited me to eat gumbo with them.  I hadn’t ever tried gumbo and now I like it!  Thanks guys for the great afternoon!

Sneak Peek and Opinions Needed – Sarah’s Graduation Portraits – Richmond/Rosenberg

Oh, what a lovely young woman Sarah is.  She’s such a cutie!  This is one of my favorite shots of the session and I just can’t decide which processing technique I like the best!

Whatdaya think?  Please leave your comments below!

New Aquisition – Kelly Moore Camera Bag

First of all, here is my old bag.  Actually, it’s not even mine!  Matt was kind enough to let me use his camera bag and he stuffed his into a smaller one that his family owns.  What a good fiance!

And this is what I got in the mail yesterday!

I’m a sucker for packaging, so that’s why you are looking at photographs of the box and stuff.  How pretty!

The bag…

And some details…

So there you have it.  My new beautiful, fantabulous, and awesome camera bag/purse!  So far I have really enjoyed the design.

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