Molly and Chris – Nacogdoches Wedding Photography

On June 19th (my sister’s b-day!), Molly and Chris were joined in marriage.  Matt and I were given the opportunity to capture it and I am so thankful for that.  When I met with Molly and her mom in Nacogdoches we fell into talking about weddings and budgets and the like.  It was the start of a new friendship.  I loved how she easily spoke of her relationship with Chris and their commitment to each other.  It was beautiful!

I had met Molly while in school at SFASU and we were involved in the Invisible Children club on campus as well as living on the same dorm floor.  Now that I’ve gotten to know her better, I kinda wished we had hung out at school because she is awesome!  Chris, you are one lucky man!

The day started out at Grace Bible Church in Nacogdoches.

I’ve decided that getting ready shots are some of my fav’s.

It’s no secret that I loooove flower girls!

This little flower girl came in saying, “It’s my wedding day!”  She thought she was the bride.  SO cute!

Matt got to hang out with the guys during the morning while they were getting ready and waiting on the girls.

They played games like hangman, and apparently one of the guys had an auto-tune app on his phone and they had a grand ol’ time with that!

The lovely ladies…

They had two people officiating their ceremony.  The man on the left is Chris’ grandfather and he was very heartfelt.  The man on the right is Bobby Smith, the associate pastor and the college minister at First Baptist in Nacogdoches.  He was there when Molly and Chris met and has been an integral part in their lives.  What a special way to make the ceremony unique and emotional!

Here’s Chris’ grandpa again.  And yes, that is the marriage license in his mouth…

The wedding cake carried on the bridal session theme of track and field.  The cake was made by Cindy Metteauer.

They had an ice cream bar which I think is a great idea for summer weddings.  So yummy to have Blue Bell ice cream on a hot day!

The flowers were done be Nacogdoches Floral Co.

Molly had a special bracelet around her bouquet.

For the father daughter dance, I’m not sure if there was a dry eye.  I know I was all teary.  Molly and her dad are so sweet together.

Congratulations Molly and Chris!  Thanks for including us in your day!

Molly’s Bridal Session – Nacogdoches Wedding Photography

In May, Matt and I traveled up to Nacogdoches to photograph Molly’s bridals!  I really like doing bridals but sometimes they are hard because I can’t share the images until after the wedding!  Well, Molly and Chris’ big day was June 19th (I’m working on editing them and will have a blog post about it soon!) and now I can share these!

Molly, it was such a joy being able to hang out with you while battling the wind all day!

We started out on the track at Stephen F. Austin State University because Chris has run track for SFA all through college.  Woo!  Go SFA!

And they met at First Baptist…

Isn’t she gorgeous?!?

Just a quick note, I will be out this week for a youth conference my church puts on called Doin’ the Stuff!  This will be my 9th year at it and I’m a room leader for some awesome girls and we’re going to go ointo our community to help impact people’s lives.  It’s such a wonderful opportunity and I am always inspired by seeing the youth getting so into helping others.  I think the leaders may get just as much or more out of the experience than the youth!  The only problem is that I will have no time to edit photos so everything is put on hold for a few days!

With Love,


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