Remember This.

Today you were having a tough time falling asleep. I knew you were tired so I curled my body around yours. I held your hand and reassured you that you were fine… You were just sleepy.  As you drifted off into sleep I realized I want to remember all of this.

The way my hand can hold your whole forearm in it and still have your fingers wrapped around just one of my fingers. How, when I’m not holding your hand, you have moments of light sleep where your hands reach up to your face and open and close repeatedly.  The way your eyelashes gently touch your chubby cheeks. How your wispy hair tickles my arm. The way you smell and feel.

One more week where I’m here for all of your naps, your cries, your contagious smiles. I know I’ll still see these on a daily basis, just not as much.

And while I sit at my desk at work, I’ll remember.

I’ll remember this.

Houston Portrait Photography – Kris Fulk

A little while back, Kris (from Kris Fulk Photography) and I got together to play with some new photography equipment we had acquired and just hang out.  You can see her blog post on it here.

She’s a beautiful person and a great photographer!  You should go check out her work!

You’ll have to excuse the fact that the next three photographs have the same background, but each face she’s making are ones that are very “Kris.”  I just love them.

See… I’m so fun, my friends jump for joy!

Some off camera flash fun.

With Love,


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New Aquisition – Kelly Moore Camera Bag

First of all, here is my old bag.  Actually, it’s not even mine!  Matt was kind enough to let me use his camera bag and he stuffed his into a smaller one that his family owns.  What a good fiance!

And this is what I got in the mail yesterday!

I’m a sucker for packaging, so that’s why you are looking at photographs of the box and stuff.  How pretty!

The bag…

And some details…

So there you have it.  My new beautiful, fantabulous, and awesome camera bag/purse!  So far I have really enjoyed the design.

Photo of the Day

I absolutely love this photograph.  I love the joy.  The silliness.  And I love her.


This will be a quick one, but this is just to say that I’m engaged!  Here’s the story…

On Friday, November 27, Matt and I went out with a local photographer (Matt Trevino) who was doing some free couple’s portrait sessions to build his portfolio.  I had seen his ad on Craigslist and thought that it would be fun!  You know, I could network with another photographer (who has an awesome personality) and get pictures with my man!

We met with the photographer (who we’ll call Matthew just to make it clear between my Matt and Matthew so no one gets confused) near downtown.  After a couple of different location shots, we ended up in the theater district.  Here we are, posing for photographs and then Matt starts acting weird.

I ask, “Why aren’t you looking at the camera?” as I nod to where he’s supposed to be looking.  Duh, I mean, we are in a photoshoot!

Then he starts talking about how much he loves me and how fun this is.  As I’m standing there, I’m wondering why he’s talking about this now.  Haahaa.  There are pictures to be taken.

Then suddenly.

It hits me.

Holy cow.  HO-LY COW.

My mind starts racing.  No way is this really happening.  OMG.

Then he got down on one knee.  And holds up this pretty stinkin’ amazing sparkly ring.

And I said yes.

So there you have it.  That’s the not so short story!

There were some funny moments like when Matt, after forgetting what he was going to say, said, “I forgot where I was going with this.  I mean, I know exactly where I’m going with this!” or fumbling to get my promise ring off of my finger so that I could put my new ring on.  He now wears my promise ring on a chain around his neck as a symbol of our love, but that there is still a promise that has been made for purity.

He’s a pretty cool guy.  ;-)

If you want to see pictures of the ring, they are on my Facebook page.  If you aren’t a friend, just add me!  The pictures from the actual photoshoot will be put up here at a later date when I have them.  I’m excited to see them!

And, as a sneak preview of the Simpson’s family portrait session which happened on Friday morning before all of the excitement, here’s one of my favorites from the day…

With Love,

Rachel Perry

Things I’m Thankful For

I think that being grateful is a true measure of how much you enjoy life.  I’ve recently been contemplating doing an exercise in which you write down 1000 things you are grateful for.  That’s right.  You read 1000.  It’s a daunting task, but something I feel like I need to do because I take too much for granted.  So, here we go!

I’m thankful for…

0001.  My faith in God.

0002.  My family that I’ll be seeing in less than a week for Thanksgiving!

0003.  The beautiful colors that are in the trees right now.

0004.  Knowing that there are even better colors in terms of foliage up north.

0005.  That it is finally getting cool!

0006.  My wonderful boyfriend who teaches me knew things about myself all the time!

0007.  College.  I’ll miss ya, buddy!

0008.  My homegroup in Nac.  My goodness, you guys have made me a better person!

0009.  Hot tea (especially chai, peppermint, and green tea)

0010.  My cell phone.  What a wonderful way to keep in touch with people!

0011.  Communication.  Without it, life would be preeetty boring.

0012.  Painting.  I need to do this more.  It’s good for the soul.

0013.  Calendars and scheduling.  The more you get to know me, the more you’ll see how I like to plan.

0014.  My Grandma Lindsay’s peanut pralines and toffee.  A normal Christmas time occurrence.

0015.  Fans.  A must if you live anywhere where there is lots of warmth.  Plus, i now need mine to fall asleep!

0016.  Tips.  I currently work in a coffee shop.  Tips make my day so so so much better.  Plus, if you tip me, I might like ya better.  Just keep it in mind next time you are in a coffee place.

0017.  I’m thankful for the tips I made last year that let me go to Hawaii this past summer.

0018.  I’m thankful for the tips made this semester that are going to my new camera fund.

0019.  The Thai peanut noodles I’m eating right now with chicken.  I made it.  It is yummy!

0020.  The encouragement, support, and amazingness of my friends and family and clients who all believe in me.

With gratitude,


I’ve Been Nominated!

A few days ago I entered a contest at MCP Actions for a new web design and a year pro subscription to SmugMug.

Here’s what I wrote –

“My heart longs for creativity and learning and teaching. As I am nearing the end of my college career I want to find a way to merge my love for photography and the ingenuity that goes into it while serving others and helping. I want to make it so that a portion of my profits goes to charity. Each month I plan on highlighting a Non-Profit so I raise awareness. I feel that using my craft, which attracts attention, to show what is happening in our neighborhoods, our cities, and our world, could better those around me and myself.

I would love the help of fusing this into a cohesive and thoughtful website that would make it much more appealing so I can reach more people. Thank you for doing this giveaway and good luck everyone!”

Now, I need your help to win this!  I would greatly appreciate your vote at

And because every post (even if it is a shameless self plug) is better with some photos, here are my beautiful friends Hannah and Leah.  These were taken a little while back, but I love them.




Now, go vote!

With love,


Nacogdoches Portrait Photography – Stephanie Visits!

This past weekend was a lovely and wonderful one.  First of all, one of my best friends in the whole world came to visit me!  Stephanie is awesome and beautiful and we had a lot of fun hanging out.  Second of all, a bunch of my friends and I went out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate my birthday (which is actually this week.  The 29th.  I love birthdays!) and did a few more things.  There will be a post.  Promise.  It involves a bonfire, a junk yard, and toilets.  It is something you won’t want to miss!


But on to Stephanie.  Recently she bought a DSLR camera and we went out and I gave her a little tutorial.  She caught on quick!  I think she’ll get the hang of it soon!  In the meantime, I took the opportunity to capture some photographs of her.


She was cool enough to lay on the ground for a few awesome shots!  You can ask her.  I freaked out when I started taking this group of shots.  It was just what I had wanted to add depth, texture, and fabulousness!  It doesn’t hurt that my subject is seriously gorgeous.


One last portrait of Steph…



Now, to showcase some of her work…  Remember, Stephanie is just learning!  You wouldn’t know it by these!  She caught on quick to things like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.  She snapped a few of me and I love them!




I hope you guys enjoyed!  Leave a comment telling me which one is your fav!

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