Sara + Michael Part II – Riverbend Country Club Wedding Photography

I know all of you had been waiting with baited breath for part II of Sara and Michael’s wedding…  So without further ado, here it is!

Sara and Michael decided to do a first look.  This means that we were able to snap a few photographs while they were able to take a few breaths before the whole thing!  Sara was so excited to see him.  Can you tell?

The families.

The first kiss as husband and wife!

One of my favorite formal photographs ever taken!  I’m just so hilarious apparently…

And I had to put two photos of this first dance.  I loved it.  Father-daughter dances always make me tear up.  I can’t even imagine what my dance with my dad will be like.  We will be buckets of tears…

Ali playing air guitar.  She’s pretty awesome at it.

Now, this is a photograph that I would normally not include in a post, or in the proofs, or anything, but notice on the right hand side…  Our off camera flash created some fun lines looking as though they are shooting out of her eyes.  I love it!

It was a great time!

Matt and I and the lovely bride and groom.  I <3 them!

And I had to get a photograph with Ali as well!

Saying goodbye.

All in all, it was a great night with some amazing people.  Thank you for trusting me with your wedding.  We had a great time!


With care,


Sara and Michael – Sneak Peek – River Bend Country Club

Here’s a quick sneak peek from Sara and Michael’s wedding on 1-1-11!  I love this couple.  They are a whole lot of fun and I really tried to capture that.  More to come soon!

Cali Family Photo Albums – Houston Family Portrait Photographer

Wow… I have been really bad about updating my blog!  I have so many sessions and a wedding to show everyone!

A few months ago, the Cali family ordered two photo albums from me.  I was so excited to have their cute family session (which can be seen here) in a printed book!  Here are the results!

Here they are, all wrapped up pretty.


And my favorite spread of the album!

They decided to go with the blue and brown linen covers which I really like.  I can also have them made in other colors and in leather!

And a special thank you goes to my man, Matt Blanke!  He did all the design work and is amazing.  Find him on Twitter @mattblanke!

Houston Portrait Photography – Kris Fulk

A little while back, Kris (from Kris Fulk Photography) and I got together to play with some new photography equipment we had acquired and just hang out.  You can see her blog post on it here.

She’s a beautiful person and a great photographer!  You should go check out her work!

You’ll have to excuse the fact that the next three photographs have the same background, but each face she’s making are ones that are very “Kris.”  I just love them.

See… I’m so fun, my friends jump for joy!

Some off camera flash fun.

With Love,


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Ali – Stephen F. Austin High School Grad Portrait Session

Man oh man.  With this session I just couldn’t decide which pictures to post!  Ali is a senior in the Sugar Land area who I just had the pleasure of meeting.  A beautiful girl through and through who is a dancer and way sarcastic.  My kind of girl.  You are going to LOVE SFASU next semester!  We did our session in Nacogdoches where I went to school.  I love this town.  Seriously!  It’s so great for pictures.  I know more great places to take pictures there than in Houston!

If I had to choose one favorite, it would be this one…  But I’m not really choosing, I think.  I mean, ugh, Ali!  You are gorgeous!

My wonderful assistant Liza!

And you might recognize the Sarah in this picture.  I just did an engagement session with her (you can see it here).  She was there for support and a great time.  I really am falling for your family, just FYI!

With Love,

Rachel Hope


Logos Prep Prom – Sugar Land Portrait Photography

So, I started this blog post being all mushy about how much I love my little sister.  I’ll save that for another time because it’s not just pictures of my sis that I’m showing!  It’s also pictures of her awesome and gorgeous friends!  I am so proud of Heather and her accomplishments.

Some of the girls getting ready.

My SEESter!

Amy checking herself out.

The whole gang!


The lovely Carly!

Heather and Josh

Pete and Amy

Ricky and Carly

Guys, I hope you had a lot of fun at the “Spring Formal” AKA Prom!

Sneak Peek and Opinions Needed – Sarah’s Graduation Portraits – Richmond/Rosenberg

Oh, what a lovely young woman Sarah is.  She’s such a cutie!  This is one of my favorite shots of the session and I just can’t decide which processing technique I like the best!

Whatdaya think?  Please leave your comments below!

Sneak Peak – Sara and Michael Engagement Session in Rosenberg, Texas

What a joy it is to have clients that leave you laughing so hard that it’s hard to take pictures!  That’s Sara and Michael.  Here’s a little glimpse into their love.  More to come later!

And a silly one…  These guys were silly!  Apparently, Michael doesn’t even know it but the “totem pole” photo is one of his favs.  He wanted to recreate it here…

With love,

Rachel Hope

New Aquisition – Kelly Moore Camera Bag

First of all, here is my old bag.  Actually, it’s not even mine!  Matt was kind enough to let me use his camera bag and he stuffed his into a smaller one that his family owns.  What a good fiance!

And this is what I got in the mail yesterday!

I’m a sucker for packaging, so that’s why you are looking at photographs of the box and stuff.  How pretty!

The bag…

And some details…

So there you have it.  My new beautiful, fantabulous, and awesome camera bag/purse!  So far I have really enjoyed the design.

Quick Update – Photo CDs!

So, I’m still alive.  I promise!  It’s been a little crazy with the holidays and all.  Remembering to take the time to write out my thoughts comes after trying to find a job.  Seriously guys, it’s a little hard!  But it’s all part of the journey and that journey is one that I am happy to take.

In other news, I sent out the CDs from my last photography sessions.  Matt helped me create a unique design for printing on the CDs.

Really, I don’t know what I’d do without him!  He’s also helping me do some rebranding.  Since I am changing my last name in the near future (don’t know when yet.  I’ll let ya know!) the name “Rachel Perry Photography” just won’t do anymore!  So expect some changes happenin’ real soon!

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