Lyon Family Twins!

Sometimes there are just people who are magnetic in their personality and the way they care about others…  Tom and Amber are just those kinds of people.  Ummm… and then they have twins?!?  How could I not love these babies?!  When Stephanie and I flew to Kentucky, we drove up to their house in Lexington with Gabri and spent the weekend with them.  We had so much fun with them and loving on little Wesley and Adellyn.  Enjoy the photos!

One proud Daddy.

The twins got a bath.  Amber is such a good Mom!

I got to steal the babies away from them and do a little session right in their home.   Meet Adellyn…

She’s a charmer!

Cute little toes…

So adorable…

As long as I’ve known Tom and Amber, they’ve had Trinity.

Ready for some heart melting???

‘Cause here it is…

I set little Wesley down and he started making all kinds of faces.  That might be why there are a few more of him because I just could NOT CHOOSE which ones were my favorites!

His little wrinkly forehead…


Now, I normally wouldn’t take a photograph from underneath a persons chin.  But in the case of a baby, it’s adorable.  So enjoy the double chin!

If this doesn’t make you want Christmas again, I don’t know what will.  One of my favorites from the session…

And then yes… I was that horrible photographer who took little babies out into the snow.  But they were such troopers!

To view the full gallery click HERE!

Tom and Amber, thanks for being so awesome and having such cute kids.  I love you guys!

With care,


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Simpson’s Family Portrait Session – Missouri City and Sugar Land, Texas

I think it’s high time for a new blog post.

My dear,

It has been a crazy few weeks here where I am.  Getting engaged, about to graduate college, finals.  Oh my.  Finals.  And my 20-25 page paper.  You know, I am possibly on here just because I don’t want to get started on that paper, but shh…  You didn’t hear it from me!

In other way way way way way way exciting news, I got my camera!  Yahoo!  I have saved up my tips from Java Jacks, saved all of my money made on portrait sessions in the past little while, and have an amazing fiance who, for my birthday, got a bunch of people together to help me buy my beautiful Nikon D300!  Hip hip hooray!  Matt drove it up from Houston last night.  He asked which I was more excited to see, him or the camera.

I couldn’t choose.

Now, here are some pictures from the Simpson’s family portrait session in Missouri City.  If you’d like to know a little more about them, Jennie blogs here.

It’s the little moments that count, right?

Do you have a photograph that just makes your heart happy?  These next few images still get me to giggle everytime I look at them.  Look at their ears, their expressions…  Amazing.

Jennie and Jerl, you guys have an amazing family and I had so much fun exploring new places and getting to hang out with you!


(The last three photographs were put together using a storyboard action from

Quiet. Peaceful. Bliss. And Exciting News!!!

Quick note of blissful happiness before my post…  I might have an engagement shoot coming up in Houston!  For people I don’t know!  Yahoo!

Today, after sitting at my computer for a few hours and then skipping a workout class at the gym (I didn’t want to go to a dancing/aerobics workout by myself!  Could be potentially embarrassing!), I decided to make good use out of the arboretum at SFASU.

Le sigh.  I have no idea why I don’t walk over there more often.  In the spring, it is alive with colors and fragrances.  In the fall, the autumn leaves are breathtaking.  As of now, the leaves are still green, flowers are still growing, and the temperature is still warm.

I am a people person.  I love surrounding myself with people and their hopes and dreams.  I love to help them grow.  But sometimes, I just need a little me time, you know?  Time where I am not listening to talking, not reading a textbook or self-help book (more on my love of self-help books at a later time), not gorging myself on photography links on the internet.  Just me.  And God.  And whatever else comes to mind.

I was able to enjoy the birds chirping.

The water slowly trickling across rocks and making beautiful patters.

The pee-wee football players playing in the bright green grass with lovely white flowers being smushed underneath their eager feet.

It was a beautiful evening to walk and think and pray.  I should do this more often!  Next time, maybe I’ll bring a camera better than my cell phone (working hard on that one!).

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