Lindsey’s Senior Session – Houston Portrait Photography

Man… It’s been awhile with the updating!  Let’s see.  Since the last post I’ve gotten married, flown overseas for the first time, moved into a super cute apartment. It’s been an exciting time in my life and hence… No photo sessions and no posts.  :-(


When Lindsey called me about a session, I was very excited.  First of all, I’ve missed doing sessions over the last few months and was excited to stretch the little creative part of my brain.  Secondly, Lindsey is so stinkin’ cute!  You’ll see what I mean…


I mean, look at these big brown eyes!

Thanks, Lindsey, for thinking of me to do your senior session!  Good luck with the next exciting phase of your life!



Abbott – Sugar Land Senior Portraits – Austin High School

So, I’ve decided I love doing senior sessions.  They are some of my favorite because you have a young person, totally excited about the coming time in their life, who usually have an awesome sense of style!  Abbott didn’t let me down at all!

I mean… Look!  She’s gorgeousssss!

She also is a cool glasses wearer.  I love me a pair of cute glasses!

And some awesome accessories.  I think one of the things that I love about senior sessions is that they love their accessories!

And she has big brown eyes.  I’m totally a sucker for brown eyes!

She’s going to the University of Louisiana in the fall!

What a great day for some portraits!

Her younger brother joined us for a few minutes at the end of our session.  Aren’t they handsome?

And her very proud Mama.

The whole session, Abbott smiled wonderfully, looked beautiful, and was well composed.  I had to show this one just so everyone knows she can be silly as well…

Abbott, thanks for letting me hang out with you last Saturday.  It really was a joy to spend some time with you and your fam!  It was totally worth the severe allergic reaction I had to the spring outdoors.  You’re gorgeous!  Good luck in the future!

With Care,


P.S. One more…

Richmond Family Photography – Brown and Guidry Family

So I just want to start out by saying that I am a huge sucker for freckles.  And books.  And trees.  And adorableness.  And I’m pretty sure that sums up this whole session!  Pretty much some of my favorite things ever!

This is Ellie.

And her little brother Bradley.  This little boy has some of the most expressive eyebrows I’ve seen on anyone under the age of 8.  So cute.  I die.

And this is Timmy.  He has lots of freckles too!  When I was little I always wanted freckles.  I know, I know, so many people just want to get rid of them but don’t!  They are so awesome!

Ellie and her dad.  I love sweet little moments like these…

When babies attack!  I had to share this one because I giggled out loud when I saw it on my screen.

Bradley loves to run.  He pretty much did it the whole session which made things a lot of fun and a whole lot more interesting…

Timmy and his dad in a tree.  Timmy is an expert tree climber so we wanted to put him in his natural element.

You see this hay?  That didn’t stay in his hands long…  He decided that since I was on the ground that I was definitely in need of some hay and put it on me!

One more… :-D

Guys, thank you so much for coming out and being an awesome family!  I had so much fun!


Sneak Peek and Opinions Needed – Sarah’s Graduation Portraits – Richmond/Rosenberg

Oh, what a lovely young woman Sarah is.  She’s such a cutie!  This is one of my favorite shots of the session and I just can’t decide which processing technique I like the best!

Whatdaya think?  Please leave your comments below!

Cali Family – Richmond/Rosenberg Family Portraits

What a joy it is to see a family interacting and enjoying each other.  Tony, Nancy, and Leah Cali came down from New York state to visit their son, Jason (Quick side note – My dad is from upstate New York, so I have a special place in my heart for New Yorkers).  Jason asked if I would do a family portrait session with them and his girlfriend and her son.  Of course I said yes!  It was a fun experience and we got to explore some new places.

Without further ado, the Cali fam!

The whole gang

The two that started it all.

Jason and Kristin

The Cali Fam

Can you say fierce?  I feel like your eyes make your look Egyptian, Kristin!  They are so beautiful!

The sassy Leah!

Beautiful mom.

We tried something a little different with Jason…  I like how it turned out!

And my absolutely favorite shot from the session.  In black and white…  Oh how I love black and white!

Thanks to Kris Fulk for assisting!  You are a great person!

Thanks, Cali family for choosing me to capture your family on that beautiful March day!

Sara and Michael – Rosenberg Engagement Photography

You can see how much Sara loves Michael by the way she looks at him.  The joy in her eyes as she watches him makes me want to love my man more.  I think that’s what love does, you know?  It inspires.

Without further ado, here are quite a few images.  I couldn’t just pick three!

Matt’s shot and one of my favs…

There was lots of silliness to be had.  These guys kept me laughing so hard!  I’m sure I missed some awesome shots because I just couldn’t help but chortle along with them.  And… you did see that right.  I said chortle.

And now… for your viewing pleasure… It’s Matt and Rachel!  *Deafening cheers*!

Remember, I did a short sneak peek of their session last week here.  I’m excited with the possibility of shooting their wedding on January 1st!

With Love,


Quiet. Peaceful. Bliss. And Exciting News!!!

Quick note of blissful happiness before my post…  I might have an engagement shoot coming up in Houston!  For people I don’t know!  Yahoo!

Today, after sitting at my computer for a few hours and then skipping a workout class at the gym (I didn’t want to go to a dancing/aerobics workout by myself!  Could be potentially embarrassing!), I decided to make good use out of the arboretum at SFASU.

Le sigh.  I have no idea why I don’t walk over there more often.  In the spring, it is alive with colors and fragrances.  In the fall, the autumn leaves are breathtaking.  As of now, the leaves are still green, flowers are still growing, and the temperature is still warm.

I am a people person.  I love surrounding myself with people and their hopes and dreams.  I love to help them grow.  But sometimes, I just need a little me time, you know?  Time where I am not listening to talking, not reading a textbook or self-help book (more on my love of self-help books at a later time), not gorging myself on photography links on the internet.  Just me.  And God.  And whatever else comes to mind.

I was able to enjoy the birds chirping.

The water slowly trickling across rocks and making beautiful patters.

The pee-wee football players playing in the bright green grass with lovely white flowers being smushed underneath their eager feet.

It was a beautiful evening to walk and think and pray.  I should do this more often!  Next time, maybe I’ll bring a camera better than my cell phone (working hard on that one!).

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