Molly’s Bridal Session – Nacogdoches Wedding Photography

In May, Matt and I traveled up to Nacogdoches to photograph Molly’s bridals!  I really like doing bridals but sometimes they are hard because I can’t share the images until after the wedding!  Well, Molly and Chris’ big day was June 19th (I’m working on editing them and will have a blog post about it soon!) and now I can share these!

Molly, it was such a joy being able to hang out with you while battling the wind all day!

We started out on the track at Stephen F. Austin State University because Chris has run track for SFA all through college.  Woo!  Go SFA!

And they met at First Baptist…

Isn’t she gorgeous?!?

Just a quick note, I will be out this week for a youth conference my church puts on called Doin’ the Stuff!  This will be my 9th year at it and I’m a room leader for some awesome girls and we’re going to go ointo our community to help impact people’s lives.  It’s such a wonderful opportunity and I am always inspired by seeing the youth getting so into helping others.  I think the leaders may get just as much or more out of the experience than the youth!  The only problem is that I will have no time to edit photos so everything is put on hold for a few days!

With Love,


Things I’m Thankful For

I think that being grateful is a true measure of how much you enjoy life.  I’ve recently been contemplating doing an exercise in which you write down 1000 things you are grateful for.  That’s right.  You read 1000.  It’s a daunting task, but something I feel like I need to do because I take too much for granted.  So, here we go!

I’m thankful for…

0001.  My faith in God.

0002.  My family that I’ll be seeing in less than a week for Thanksgiving!

0003.  The beautiful colors that are in the trees right now.

0004.  Knowing that there are even better colors in terms of foliage up north.

0005.  That it is finally getting cool!

0006.  My wonderful boyfriend who teaches me knew things about myself all the time!

0007.  College.  I’ll miss ya, buddy!

0008.  My homegroup in Nac.  My goodness, you guys have made me a better person!

0009.  Hot tea (especially chai, peppermint, and green tea)

0010.  My cell phone.  What a wonderful way to keep in touch with people!

0011.  Communication.  Without it, life would be preeetty boring.

0012.  Painting.  I need to do this more.  It’s good for the soul.

0013.  Calendars and scheduling.  The more you get to know me, the more you’ll see how I like to plan.

0014.  My Grandma Lindsay’s peanut pralines and toffee.  A normal Christmas time occurrence.

0015.  Fans.  A must if you live anywhere where there is lots of warmth.  Plus, i now need mine to fall asleep!

0016.  Tips.  I currently work in a coffee shop.  Tips make my day so so so much better.  Plus, if you tip me, I might like ya better.  Just keep it in mind next time you are in a coffee place.

0017.  I’m thankful for the tips I made last year that let me go to Hawaii this past summer.

0018.  I’m thankful for the tips made this semester that are going to my new camera fund.

0019.  The Thai peanut noodles I’m eating right now with chicken.  I made it.  It is yummy!

0020.  The encouragement, support, and amazingness of my friends and family and clients who all believe in me.

With gratitude,


Caitlin – Nacogdoches Portrait Photography – Any Time Session

Caitlin only lived in the same place as me for two semesters.  In those two semesters she challenged me to be a better person.  I’m proud to be her friend and wish I saw her more often.


Watch out!  She’s gonna be a world changer!


Two exciting tidbits:

  • If you would like a session over the Thanksgiving break, I’ll be in Houston.  Spots are filling up, so let me know!
  • If you haven’t voted for me (or if you have and are on a new computer) please vote here.  All the top ten finalist have already received a SmugMug site (which I totally wanted!  Amazing!), but having it customized to fit with my blog would be quite spectacular.  So please send a vote for me!

As always, thanks for reading!


I’ve Been Nominated!

A few days ago I entered a contest at MCP Actions for a new web design and a year pro subscription to SmugMug.

Here’s what I wrote –

“My heart longs for creativity and learning and teaching. As I am nearing the end of my college career I want to find a way to merge my love for photography and the ingenuity that goes into it while serving others and helping. I want to make it so that a portion of my profits goes to charity. Each month I plan on highlighting a Non-Profit so I raise awareness. I feel that using my craft, which attracts attention, to show what is happening in our neighborhoods, our cities, and our world, could better those around me and myself.

I would love the help of fusing this into a cohesive and thoughtful website that would make it much more appealing so I can reach more people. Thank you for doing this giveaway and good luck everyone!”

Now, I need your help to win this!  I would greatly appreciate your vote at

And because every post (even if it is a shameless self plug) is better with some photos, here are my beautiful friends Hannah and Leah.  These were taken a little while back, but I love them.




Now, go vote!

With love,


Quiet. Peaceful. Bliss. And Exciting News!!!

Quick note of blissful happiness before my post…  I might have an engagement shoot coming up in Houston!  For people I don’t know!  Yahoo!

Today, after sitting at my computer for a few hours and then skipping a workout class at the gym (I didn’t want to go to a dancing/aerobics workout by myself!  Could be potentially embarrassing!), I decided to make good use out of the arboretum at SFASU.

Le sigh.  I have no idea why I don’t walk over there more often.  In the spring, it is alive with colors and fragrances.  In the fall, the autumn leaves are breathtaking.  As of now, the leaves are still green, flowers are still growing, and the temperature is still warm.

I am a people person.  I love surrounding myself with people and their hopes and dreams.  I love to help them grow.  But sometimes, I just need a little me time, you know?  Time where I am not listening to talking, not reading a textbook or self-help book (more on my love of self-help books at a later time), not gorging myself on photography links on the internet.  Just me.  And God.  And whatever else comes to mind.

I was able to enjoy the birds chirping.

The water slowly trickling across rocks and making beautiful patters.

The pee-wee football players playing in the bright green grass with lovely white flowers being smushed underneath their eager feet.

It was a beautiful evening to walk and think and pray.  I should do this more often!  Next time, maybe I’ll bring a camera better than my cell phone (working hard on that one!).

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