Mely and Fransisco’s Newborn Narrative Session

Everyone!  Meet Yoalli!  Gosh this girl is a cutie and has such a great family.  I’ve known Mely for three years and we work together at Star of Hope.  She is such a joy and I have missed her so much as she has been on maternity leave.


This is Samuehl.  He is in love with his little sister.  Aren’t they both so cute?






I love how much this family loves each other…



I hope you enjoyed all these photographs!   


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Introducing Claire! The Houghtaling’s Newborn Session

Some Quick Headshots – Matt Blanke from Vineyard USA

Matt needed a head shot for work so we went to the park across the street from our apartment and took a few shots.  I knew I had to make use of the light and get some photos of the cutest human being I know!



New Hair!

By now, many of the people I come in contact with on a regular basis have all seen my new hairs.  I was getting tired of the “mom ponytail” and decided just to take the plunge and just chop it all off.  It’s amazing how a haircut can make you feel differently and give some confidence.  If you are thinking of cutting your hair or changing something for a time, go for it!  You only have one life to live… Sometimes a haircut can inject a little extra joy into your daily life.








If you need a great haircut, Roots in Montrose does a great job (Rita is my personal fav)!


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